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Why Partner with Us

Avondale University has important work to do. Its mission is to foster a Christian learning community dedicated to serving world needs. Avondale’s courses equip students for a life of professional service. Research projects at Avondale aim to solve some of the world’s most compelling problems and make a positive impact on the world. Avondale provides a supportive environment where students feel as if they belong and are encouraged to develop their character and become the best versions of themselves.

We need your help so that Avondale University can continue the great work it has been doing for the last 125 years since its inception in 1897.

Your financial support means that Avondale can do more. That means more learning opportunities, more students belonging to the Avondale community, more research, more outreach and service trips, and more lives impacted.

Avondale University Partnership Alliance receives donations from individuals and corporations to help fund Avondale University. The Partnership Alliance is managed by an independent Board. These directors are dedicated professionals who commit their time and expertise for the benefit of Avondale University and its staff and students. So donate now and work with us to help Avondale university to do more.

AUPA Endorsement

The Avondale University Partnership Alliance (AUPA) works cooperatively with Avondale University supporting Avondale with the expertise of the members (whether in research, business, leadership, management, governance, practical ministry and finance.) As Chair of Avondale Council I can see that AUPA is already making a difference.  We are thankful for its contribution to Avondale and hope its contributions grow.
Glen Townend (Chair, Avondale Council)

Partnership Opportunities

The Partnership Alliance is open to all. It does not matter the size of your contribution, all funds will be used to help Avondale University fulfill its mission and make a real difference in the world.

Student Experience

Avondale University Partnership Alliance provides opportunities to support various experiences the university provides for staff and students which fulfils the mission and vision of the University. [more]

Research with Global Impact

Avondale University Partnership Alliance provides opportunities to support the university’s internationally recognised research and innovation initiatives. [more]

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