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Students from our pilot Avondale Character Experience Program recently travelled Australia sharing the good news of new and unexpected offers for first year students in 2023.
17 students and 6 staff meet students and teachers from our Seventh-day Adventist Schools and 9 local Christian Schools. “It was so wonderful to meet students who were sitting in exactly the same seat I was sitting in last year… making exactly the same decisions I needed to make.
It was a real privilege to share the incredible year I have had at Avondale University and encourage them join me next year.” Cooper  The Avondale University Partnership Alliance and the SPD have put together a package of incredible unexpected offers for students enrolling at Avondale University in 2023.  These offers include, 18 months FREE accommodation, $600 per subject cash back for Business students and ALL new students participating in the Avondale Character Experience Program.

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