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Avondale University Partnership Alliance provides you with an opportunity to improve the student experience at Avondale: by supporting projects that improve learning facilities, enhance the wellbeing of students, and inspire and equip young people to develop character and become the best versions of themselves. The student experience projects help Avondale students to become change-makers in a world full of need.  

The ACE Lab

The Avondale Character Experience Laboratory (ACE Lab) is an initiative that aims to foster character develop in young people through experiential learning. It involves them in experiences that are challenging, focused on building belonging, and aimed at connecting them with service, nature and God.

Purpose: The Avondale Character experience is an important initiative at Avondale University as it seeks to prepare students to make a difference in the world. The Avondale Character Experience is based on the latest research on character development and seeks to achieve these important goals.

Partnership Opportunity: The ACE Lab needs your support. If you would like to help Avondale students develop character and become the best version of themselves then donate to the running of the ACE Lab program today.

7 @ Avondale

The cafeteria plays a very important role at Avondale University. It has long been an important social hub and many past students remember the great times associated with food and friends. The meals, the banquets, and the fun. The cafeteria has also provided an essential service in serving food for conferences run at Avondale as well as providing for community events. Located on the eastern side of the lake Macquarie campus the cafeteria continues to be one of the most visited buildings on the campus.

Purpose: Avondale aspires to positively impact the wellbeing of its students and a good diet plays an important role in this process. Belonging to a community also has a positive impact on a person’s wellbeing. The Avondale cafeteria facilitates both processes. It gives students and the community access to good food and nutrition while also providing a place for people to come together and socialise and feel part of the community that is Avondale University.

Partnership Opportunity: 2023 will see an exciting new chapter in the life of the Avondale cafeteria. The building is undergoing a transformation and will reopen in 2023 as 7 @ Avondale. While still serving the needs of the students, it will be a full community restaurant and will provide for, and extend, the impact that it has always had. If you would like to be in the alliance that brings this exciting new vision of the Avondale cafeteria to life, then join the partnership alliance today.

Classroom Technology
The student learning experience is an important focus at Avondale University. In as modern university students learn across a range of blended learning approaches. Some students learn in a face-to-face environment in a university classroom and lecture theatre. Others learn in a mix of face-to-face and off campus experiences, while others learn in a full distance mode. Each of these approaches requires the use of different mixes of technology to allow them to work. Avondale University is committed to using the technology that supports students on their learning journey.

Purpose: Technology has disrupted most sectors of society and the economy and changed how people communicate, access information, work, and even play. It has also impacted teaching and learning. Technology can be used at a university to scale up instruction, provide personalized learning opportunities, facilitate differentiated instruction, increase collaboration and communication, expand opportunities for practice, and increase student engagement. Technology is a key resource in delivering 21st century education.

Partnership Opportunity: Avondale is looking to enhance the technology used in facilitating and delivering learning experiences at the University in 2023. A review of classroom-based technology and the systems used to facilitate the teaching and learning program, will identify Avondale’s needs. Students will benefit as upgrades are implemented that will help to keep Avondale at the forefront of university-based teaching and learning experiences. If you would like to support student learning at Avondale then join the partnership alliance today.

Service Trips
Avondale has a long history of involvement in service learning experiences and service trips. During these experiences students apply their developing professional knowledge and skills to projects as they seek to meet a real-life need in their community. These experiences have taken the form of StormCo trips, One Mission trips, MOTO trips and other community-based initiatives.

Purpose: Service learning provides students with a rich and engaging learning experience. It improves students’ ability to apply what they have learned in their course to “the real world” as they engage projects that require problem analysis, problem-solving, critical thinking, and the ability to understand complex situations. Students experience a sense of making a difference in the world as they develop their personal efficacy and identity, and experience spiritual growth and moral development. Students learn to work well with others, build leadership and communication skills, develop heightened social responsibility and citizenship skills.

Partnership Opportunity: 2023 will a renewed emphasis on service experiences and trips at Avondale after a COVID forced a break. If you would like to make a real difference in the world and support students as they participate in service trips then join the partnership alliance today.

Avondale University is a busy place and students need transport to the many activities that are facilitated by Avondale University. The Avondale bus provides students with a safe and reliable way to travel on and off campus. Without dependable transportation, it is difficult for students to participate in academic and social activities, or at least do so safely. The Avondale bus has become an important logistical tool and an essential part of the Avondale program and experience.

Purpose: The Avondale bus makes it easier for students to get to and from academic appointments, sports games, club meetings, and special Avondale events. It is used widely to help facilitate the academic program of the university as well as a tool to provide transport for ACE lab, StormCo trips, and other student-centred activities.

Some Avondale students who live on campus don’t have a car to help them get around. The bus provides a way for students to travel to activities that might include doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, pharmacy trips, getting supplies for classes or dorm rooms, and attending school-sponsored activities off-campus, some of which are required for certain classes.

Partnership Opportunity: The current Avondale bus has been in service for many years and needs to be replaced. In 2023 there is an opportunity for people to donate and support the purchase of a new Avondale bus.

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